Mediation Bill 2023- Transformative Tool For Resolving Disputes

For over a span of ten years, I have been actively engaged in mediating conflicts. Each case I’ve handled has reinforced the pivotal role of mediation as a transformative tool for resolving disputes. Mediation has shown its potential not only to mend fractured relationships but also to cultivate harmony, even in the most intricate and deeply entrenched conflicts.

The recent passage of the Mediation Bill in 2023 arrives as a breath of fresh air at a crucial juncture. Courts at all levels are currently burdened with an overwhelming backlog of cases, leaving uncertainty about when and how this deluge of cases will be addressed.

In summary, the Mediation Bill of 2023 holds the promise of revolutionizing the way conflicts are settled. It positions mediation as the preferred choice for parties seeking fair, efficient, and economical resolutions to their disputes. By institutionalizing mediation practices and raising public awareness, the bill sets the groundwork for a more harmonious and streamlined approach to resolving conflicts across various sectors of society.


Nonetheless, it’s wise to exercise patience and carefully observe whether mediation can truly align with the principles delineated in the recently passed dispute resolution bill. Just as other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) approaches in India have fallen short of their intended success, mediation could encounter hurdles on various fronts and might also be susceptible to influence from particular individuals or groups.

Priya Iyengar – Founder Partner & CEO, 

Compass Law Associates; Compass Conflict Resolutions

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